General Terms and Conditions

Member Handbook

Part of being a Greentown Labs Member is helping the incubator as a whole. But more importantly, being part of the community at Greentown Labs means feedback, teamwork, and support. The Greentown Labs that we know is a place where entrepreneurs can try difficult things. It is a place where we celebrate each other's accomplishments and help each other through our failures. We encourage and expect the same sense of comradery from all of our members.

Overall, Members are expected to:

  1. Respect the personal and intellectual property of other Members and Member Companies
  2. Actively contribute to the Greentown Labs community
  3. Preserve the cleanliness of shared spaces
  4. Adhere to safe practices throughout the space

One of the best parts of working at Greentown Labs is being immersed in and part of one of the most creative, passionate and inspiring communities in the world. As a new member of Greentown Labs, you’ll soon realize the vibrant community of entrepreneurs that has formed here. This community and the relationships you develop reflect two of the greatest benefits you’ll gain at Greentown Labs.

Community Expectations:

-RESPECT: the Community of Greentown Labs runs on mutual respect. Regarding IP, common spaces and interactions with other member companies and staff, use professional respect at all times. -New Team Members: Each employee, contractor or intern that works at Greentown Labs more than two days per week is required to have a desk or extra key fob. Please let -Greentown Labs staff know when you have a new person joining your team or doing work for your company in Greentown Labs. We want to assist you in welcoming someone new to the space! -Exiting Team Members: Please let us know of employees who no longer work with your company or who will be leaving your company at a predetermined date as early as possible -Community Service: Your Greentown Labs Member Agreement references up to four hours/month per company of “helping out” Greentown Labs. This help can come in many forms, for example: Helping to plan and execute a holiday party, Giving your company pitch on tours, Aiding Greentown Labs on small, incubator-improvement projects, Referring your awesome entrepreneur friends to Greentown Labs!,

Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated:

Greentown Labs strives to provide our members with a workplace free from harassment. Harassment undermines our workplace morale and our commitment to treat each other with dignity and respect. Accordingly, harassment will not be tolerated at Greentown Labs.

Harassment can take many forms, including but not limited to touching or other unwanted physical contact, posting offensive cartoons or pictures, using slurs or other derogatory terms, telling offensive or lewd jokes and stories, and sending email messages with offensive content. Unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and sexually suggestive gestures, jokes, propositions, email messages, or other communications all constitute harassment.

If you experience or witness any form of harassment in the workplace, we encourage you to come forward with complaints. Greentown Labs will not retaliate, or allow retaliation, against anyone who complains of harassment, assists in a harassment investigation, or files an administrative charge or lawsuit alleging harassment.

Those who are found to have violated this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Intellectual Property:

Greentown Labs members may have access to other member’s information that is of a sensitive and proprietary nature due to the close working environment. Every employee that works at Greentown Labs (including part-time, interns and consultants) MUST sign a Greentown Labs NDA. NDAs located electronically on the GRID home page, printed at the Greentown Labs reception desk, and emailed to each new Member when they sign-up for GRID.

Greentown Labs does frequently host visitors and guests, both during the day and for evening events. Care should be taken with particularly sensitive material to ensure that it is removed from public view when visitors are present. Members will be notified in advance of tours and public events through the Weekly Newsletter, GRID messages, Slack, and the Greentown Labs Events Calendar.

Shared Resources:

-Conference Rooms: Are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis on the GRID Bookings page. Please be respectful of other’s needs in conference rooms: If you no longer need your reservation, please delete it. Do not reserve rooms for extended periods of time unless they are absolutely necessary (Board Meetings, Technical Reviews, etc.), If you are in a conference room that you have not booked, you may be interrupted. Please use Phone Booths for single-person calls or meetings. -Printing: Xerox printers are provided in the office for member use. Please be considerate of paper use. For custom or large copy jobs, we encourage you to load your own paper. Any scrap paper should be recycled in the bin next to the copier. Please do not leave your prints on the machine! You can find links to the printer drivers on the GRID home page. -Refrigerator Labelling & Cleaning: Personal food items in the refrigerator should be labeled (pen provided on the fridge). On refrigerator cleaning days (announced in advance) everything left in the refrigerators will be tossed, labeled or not. Green stickers are provided in the kitchen to mark any food the is up for grabs! -Dishes: Are a constant struggle at Greentown Labs! Please put your dishes in the dishwasher when you bring them back to the kitchen. If the dishwasher is running, please wash your dishes or bring them back to your desk until you have time to deal with them. No one wants to offer an investor or important visitor a glass of water in a dirty kitchen!

Facilities & Safety:

-Safety Representatives: Every Member Company is required to have a Safety Representative who participates in the Safety Program and attends required Safety Meetings -Lab Space PPE: Closed-toed shoes and safety glasses are required in the Lab Space. -Electrical Panels: Are only to be opened by JWF LLC (our landlord), licensed electricians, Greentown Labs staff, or an authorized Safety Representative. -Fire Egress Lane in the Lab / “Yellow Brick Road” Safety Path: Must be kept clear of ALL debris and equipment at all times. -Alcohol: Alcohol is not allowed in the lab space at any time. Companies may choose to keep alcohol at Greentown Labs but it must be kept in the office space. No one is allowed to use any machines, power tools or electronic test equipment or do anything that is inherently dangerous if you are impaired. If you are impaired because of the use of alcohol or drugs (for example) your body is not able to devote the level of focus required to prevent accidents from occurring. You are not allowed to use any machine tools after you have consumed alcohol. -Individual Lab Spaces: Are private. You may NOT enter any other companies lab space, or remove anything from another’s space, without expressed permission from the Member or consulting with the Greentown Labs team. -Loading Area & Door: May be opened for loading/unloading and air circulation when monitored (if you are going to be working in the loading area). In general, please keep the door closed and locked (lock code posted on the door). Anything left in the loading area after 24 hours may be disposed of by Greentown Labs. -IT: Internet connection over wifi (100MB/sec fiber optic) and ethernet cables is provided by Greentown Labs, as well as printing capabilities. All IT work done in Greentown Labs must be done through Prosper IT. Members are not permitted to change, alter, expand Greentown Labs’ IT infrastructure in any way (including setting up individual wifi access points) without consulting with the Greentown Labs operations team and Prosper IT. -Packages: Packages are dropped off in the Greentown Labs loading area. Please pick up your packages within 24 hours of delivery. Greentown Labs is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. -Trash / Recycling: Ultimately, trash and recycling is collected in the dumpsters in front of the courtyard fence and at the back of 444 Somerville Ave. All trash/recycling must be INSIDE the dumpster. All cardboard should be collected and compacted in the Balers, located in each loading area. Instructions for use are on the machine. In the lab space, trash will be collected in large gray trash toters located near the doors between the office and prototyping space. Their location, designated with black and yellow tape, should not be moved. Red “oily rag” disposal bins are located next to the prototyping trash bins. ONLY oily rags should be disposed of in these red bins. Their location, designated with black and yellow tape, should not be moved. Electronics, batteries, metal, Styrofoam, and plastic packaging material will be collected for special recycling in labeled bins in the loading area. Clear signage is posted throughout the space. -Composting: Greentown is pleased to have a composting program! All internal events use compostables and aim to generate zero waste. There are black Bootstrap composting bins available throughout the kitchen, event space and kitchenettes. Refer to signs throughout the space to ensure what is and is not compostable. -Parking: Parking at Greentown Labs is by permit only. More information on the Greentown Labs Parking Program can be found on GRID. Just like conference rooms, visitor parking should be reserved on the GRID Bookings page. Vehicles parked overnight are subject to tow. Vehicles parking without a parking permit are subject to tow. Vehicles in unauthorized spaces are subject to tow. If your car is towed contact: Ames Business Park, Kelley Sheridan 21 Properzi Way, Suite A Somerville, MA 02143, 617-718-0431 -Bicycles: Should be parked inside the buildings in designated bike storage areas or outside the building locked to a bike rack. Bicycles are not allowed to be parked in the hallways, egresses, in the office area or in the courtyard. The bike cage is for locking bikes that are actively being used to commute with, not for long-term storage. There should be no riding bikes in the building. -Pets: Are not allowed at Greentown Labs. We welcome “visitors” every once in awhile (preferably outside), but cannot tolerate office pets.

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